I am divorced with my kids mom and live outside Canada for the past 3 years moving on with my life with a new woman.

Day in and out,i will be receiving court documents in my e-mail from ex in Toronto on different issues.

1.She applied for a restraining order against me not to contact her and or my 2 kids with her.

A letter attached to the court documents from a school where my almost 7 year old daughter is says i was there in the school and tried to abduct my daughter which in fact i am 15-16 hours away from Canada and has never even asked for the price of tickets to Canada.

There are dates stated in the document from a daycare attendant saying i was there because she saw me.(Big Fat Lie)

Court documents was served to me via e-mail and i am thinking whether to reply or not.

Whiles i have no business in what is going on outside Canada,i am also a bit scared that maybe a serial killer might have entered the day care to try and kidnap a child.

The question is....i am outside Canada,i have nothing to do with Canada and its courts,i have no lawyer in Canada,i don't want to have one there.

I want to put all this behind me already and move on but there is always something else from her on something.

Do i report this daycare worker with her fake and lieing support document?

Do i call the day care from my country of residence now?do i report to the TDSB?do i respond at all to this restraining order or just ignore it??



Whiles i have no business in what is going on in Canada

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  • 6 years ago
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    I would turn it all around on her for False Informing-Reporting, Purgery, Tieing up Law Enforcement & Court Assets etc.. You could also ask the courts to simply ping your cell phone records which shows where you are / were the whole time. Also advise the courts that you dont have an F16 or Helicopter to take you to all these places she said you were at supposedly nor do you have a passport. Type up a nice letter to the court & notorize it & mail it.

    The court will take a very long look at it & laugh about it as well. An honest man has nothing to hide.

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  • Alpine
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    6 years ago

    I'm not 100% on this but I don't think you can "serve" such documents by email-small claims court maybe but family Basically in Ontario to get a restraining order each party in the matter has to "have their day in court" so to speak. Among the things questionable IMO is the part about the Day care worker seeing you...would that person know what you looked like?-be pretty easy to shoot that one down I would think;sounds more like your daughter saw someone she thought was you, told the daycare worker then the worker told your ex.

    The second link says that the order would have to be served by the court (or lawyer) click the "how to make an application for restraining order" link..if any of the documents have a phone number on it try contacting the court.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Wow aren't u a prize? How could u just leave your own kids like that? The least u can do is send your ex some money every month. I suppose u should try to file some type of answer to ensure no legal repercussions for yourself, but mister u have problems larger than whether your ex has a protection order placed on u. U, sir, are the worst kind of dead beat dad. It disgusts and sickens me that u would do this to your own children. If u are miserable and stressed about this situation then good. Clearly your ex is very upset and this abandonment of your parental responsibilities can can only harm your kids. Shame on u!!

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  • Sue C
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    6 years ago

    You certainly do need good legal advice, that's for sure. I suggest you do what I did when I needed legal help for my adult Son's new Corp. Called a couple attys. who advertised free phone advice. I DID get ALL my questions answered, knew they were legal & true. I even went to one who advertised free first consult. I highly recommend you do the same thing. Get the answers you need from a legal standpoint & you'll know they are correct. Sure trust all works out for the best for you...:)

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  • 6 years ago

    Sign away your rights pay your child support and stay gone. They are better off without you.

    • U must be ill,read well.I did not say i am having rights,never said they are bad with me or without,never said i did not pay child support,U must be from already a broken home with no manners.U r one of those people who let the system use you to cheat others.Grow up

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