Please help me I have prsenstation about ustomer service?

please if anyone has idea help your brother

actually I do not have any idea about it if anyone has idea for customer service tell me

like what should I have talk about customer service

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    Hi there

    What is customer service?

    Basically it is about attending to the needs of a customer that has contacted an organisation that is offering a particular product or service that they are interested in with the view of possibly making a purchase.

    Within Customer Service there is also an underlying emotional need that has to be met in the sense that if a customer has certain idea that they would like to purchase a new laptop so that they can stay in touch with friends, family and others overseas, it is that need which has to be fulfilled.

    A good Customer Service Representative should recognise this fact and so in the above example will listen to what the customer is seeking, then ask a series of questions as the brand, model and type of laptop they are after, price range, have they used a laptop before?

    If the customer is not certain then the representative should make time with the customer making comparisons to what laptops are on offer and work with them towards making a decision.

    An enquiry can be made by e-mail, phone or in person however contact is made the customer service representative must have:

    1. Good customer service skills in that they like dealing with people - they are a people person.

    2. Active listening skills to identify what is the customer saying and what do they want.

    3. Sound knowledge about the organisations products and services.

    4. Avoids using abbreviations that are used within the organisation but mean nothing to the customer.

    5. Advice that is given is appropriate and correct which assists the customer in reaching a decision.

    6. Answer questions honestly if asked by the customer.

    7. Be able to resolve any issues or complaints that are made by a customer - keeping business is vital.

    8. Excellent, attentive telephone manner as well as when dealing with a customer in person.

    9. Be ethical in all their dealings with customers.

    10. Keep up to date with new or enhancements to the organisation's products or services.

    11. Well developed trouble-shooting skills for example making contact with a customer if a product or service they have ordered is delayed to make them aware that there interests are being looked after as well as there custom is valued.

    12. Attention to detail is important in customer service there is nothing worse than getting an order or instruction wrong that impacts on the customer. Accuracy is highly valued as is being competent.

    A Customer Service Professional should never:

    1. Devalue or deride a competitor's product or service.

    2. Make misleading statements about the organisations products or services that do not exist.

    3. Direct the client to product or service that is clearly not suitable for them.

    4. Refer to their workplace as the worse place they have worked in.

    5. Show disinterest or irritable when a customer makes contact.

    Benefits of Customer Service Excellence

    1. Customers have trust and confidence with the organisation.

    2. Repeat business because a customer knows that the company has great service and follow-up.

    3. Customers are prepared to pay more for a product or service where they could buy it cheaper but see the Customer Services Representatives as being premium - excellence.

    4. Customers enjoy the personal touch of being treated like a person and not just a number.

    5. Loyalty to the organisation is built up.

    6. Word of mouth helps the organisation to gain more customers which may lead to more people being employed as the company grows.

    7. Having a great reputation is something that money cannot buy and it can only occur with the right employees are in the right place which is they put the customer first at all times.

    Does it matter if the customer does not make a purchase even if they have received great service?

    The answer is no. There is always the possibility that with the customer having gained more information about the organisation may decide at some future point that there could be something that they need which can be provided so more than likely to return.

    Hope this helps.



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