How hard would it be for me to get into Columbia University?

I'm in grade ten and my grades are far from great but if i got close to or all A's in grades 11-12 and scored high on the SAT's and then with all the clubs and volunteering is there any chance of me getting into this school its my dream school please let me know :)

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    6 years ago
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    It is definitely possible, their GPA requirement is a 3.5 and I gotta be honest, it would be a lot easier achieving that GPA in high school then in a community college. So just work hard girl eye on the prize and no goofin off!

    But just in case you do not get in RIGHT after high school, please do not feel bad. If that does happen, get into a community college as soon as you can get the GPA up there, get those general education requirements out the way, and then apply to Columbia .

    And the bright side of going to a CC is after you complete your general ed there you get an AA degree and only have to pay for 2 years in your university of choosing, sounds pretty good to me.

    Good luck

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      Ok cool, you got it girl!!!! Good I am glad it is not impossible!!! OH YEA and if you can try to see if you can talk to a counselor about this at community college closest to you and get their insight, could be helpful!!!

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