Do you agree with Union jobs?

I am not a fan of union jobs.

However, since these companies are getting more and more greedy,

I am quickly changing my mind on the issue.

Every year the prices of things has been increasing, I'm getting tired of

their poor excuses to why they need to increase prices.

Do you agree or disagree.


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  • Bob
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    7 years ago
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    Really you are changing your mind because companies are increasing prices? And how is a union going to help that situation. In fact, many companies particularly in the food service area have worked very hard. McDonald has had a $1 menu for over 10 years. Unions do not help holding prices in line, in fact unions can cause companies to have to raise prices.

    A union eliminates your ability to negotiate directly with the company for your benefit. A union forces by means of a contract to pay every employee in a class exactly the same. So if you are better at your job you get exactly the same pay as the worst employee in your class. If you are a good employee that does not benefit you, if you are the worst employee then yes a union benefits you. A unions forces a company to provide the exact same discipline to employees. Here again, a good employee must be fired for over a certain disciplinary action in order to ensure that the company maintains its ability to fire a poor employee for the same act. Is that really what you want In most (many) a company must collect union dues from everyone one. The employee does not have a say in whether or not they want to be in the union, is that in your best interest? How do I know this, I was the CEO of a company that had the Teamsters as our union at our main facility and no union at the rest of our plants I was forced on several occasions to have to fire good employees for mistakes that they made in order to ensure I could fire the bad employees when they screwed up. I also made sure that no contract we negotiated would pay the union employees better than our non union employees. Why, because it cost me more to deal with the union then having to deal with the non union employees.

    Companies that increase prices carelessly will find themselves in trouble when consumer refuse to pay the higher prices and their market share/ sales fall. Companies usually increase prices because their input costs are rising and they are trying to maintain their profit margins.

  • 7 years ago

    I agree that jobs should be unionized.

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