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will i fit a size 9 heel?

Im planning to buy my first high heel from justfab soon for prom

problem is i never wore heels before so i dont know if i should get a size bigger or not. ill get my friend to teach me how to walk in heels once i get them so don't worry about me not knowing how to walk in heels

my foot is 25.1 to 25.4 cm.

i usually wear flats or uggs which are all size 9 and 9.5

these are the heels im planning to get

i read some reviews they say to buy a size or half bigger and some say buy the size that matches your foot length, so right now im really confused. Also the pump im planning says the fit is true to size.

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    Get a 9.5! I have the exact same measurements and when I ordered from JustFab, the 9.5 for perfectly! :)

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Always go a TINY bit bigger! :) they will last longer!!!

  • 7 years ago

    Justfab is a scam company, look it up! Please don't buy from them! Trust me!

    Also cancel your membership nowww, or they will charge you forty dollars a month.

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