What's Wrong With My Phone?

I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace s5830, its an older phone, but it works great. But, not recently. My youtube app keeps saying "Error 401", Google Play keeps crashing, Instagram won't load any photos and I have internet, but its very slow and glitchy (My internet is not like this on my computer or roommates electronics).

Is my phone broken? Is there anything I can do to fix it, without buying a new one (cuz im broke).

Help :)

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  • 6 years ago
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    Happens all the time.Phones always get cluttered with stuff over time. Text message threads, in-app activity, pieces of crap left from uninstalled apps, music, etc.

    Restart it first--if that's still no improvement reset it AFTER you have backed up all your data to a PC.

    Also make sure you are running the appropriate apps version for your phone Android version 2.2 Might need to update some of them for better performance.

    Best luck.



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  • 6 years ago

    Holy crap. Wow. A guy with a galaxy ace. I remember when I had one of those things (not too long ago) and I customized it with root, a custom launcher, and (most awesomely) link2sd (for virtually infinite app storage (it has like 200 mb of storage right, only about 10 apps fit in the dalvik cache)).


    You have to remember that this phone doesn't have a lot of ram. Be sure to close all other apps before opening any that hog the CPU or ram. This means you need to hit the BACK BUTTON out of them or use task manager.

    If this doesn't work you should get a cleaner like clean master (awesome) and clear out all your apps you don't want, and all useless cache files. (Use root for maximum awesomeness).

    If that doesn't work you should probably reflash it. (Like I had to do one time I almost bricked mine). This WILL delete your apps and docs but it won't wipe your SD card so move as much stuff as possible there.

    Also, I did have a problem with apps installing to the sd card after I wiped a galaxy y once, so maybe you should wipe your sd card as well with your computer, then transfer back your stuff.

    You'll need Samsung Kies on your computer, and make sure to install all the necessary drivers on the install screen. (You'll need these for the flash). Then, just follow this guide:


    Good guy Kies gives you all the necessary instructions so it's easy.

    If you get a random error in Chinese it means it didn't work (scumbag Kies doesn't expect an error during the flashing process so they don't bother to make a real error dialog). Your phone is still fine but you won't be able to reflash it with Kies. If you are really desperate, search for the packages for your phone on xda forums and flash them manually with Odin (google it for instructions)

    Edit: if you do get the Kies error, disconnect your phone and just hold the power button to turn it off, then turn it on again normally.

    Edit 2: flashing without Kies will void your warranty so be careful.

    Also I'm going to say this even though no one really cares: rooting will also void your warranty

    But I still recommend it because it unlocks more features, and you can get the warranty back by unrooting

    Hope this helps!

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  • 6 years ago


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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago


    I use Adobe Falsh Player and it works fine. I got it here http://bit.ly/1p3P91e

    You need to have the last version of Adobe Flash Player to be able to watch videos online.


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  • it will fix automatically in several days :) or u can just reset your phone

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