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Which GSD(German Shepherd Dog) Working Line should i pick i have decided Czech or DDR, ruled out WGWL?

This dog will be participating in Schutzhund (First time working dog handler) And POSSIBLY PP, but that's another story, a good description or possible pointing to, of which line i should pick would be helpful.


Thank you very much

Trait's i'm looking for, Solid defense drive, decent prey drive, Medium-High Handler sensitivity. And a higher aloofness, if you will. high(er) energy, and a confident personallity.

If you could point to which line POSSIBLY may be better for me i'd appreciate it~ along with a description if you have any experience with either or breeds. I was going to get a Dutch Shepherd, however this being my first working dog i've decided to go with the GSD, and have realized i would not like the WGWL very much, as to the Czech and DDR. Thank you.


When i said breeds i meant bloodlines. *

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    What do the handlers at your local IPO club have? What do they breed? What are they selling? More important in many ways than the dog is the person who stands behind it and the people supporting you with it.

    If you're new to the sport, then find a club BEFORE you get a dog. Actually, for this I do recommend getting a "started" dog from someone locally, or a retired dog from someone locally. You don't want a blank slate when you're first starting out. So I would say talk to your local IPO group and see if you can find a nice local dog that meets your needs. Czech and DDR (I assume imports?) can be hit-or-miss - a lot of Europe likes to sell their wash-out dogs to novice handlers and US police departments - you will have no way to "return" the dog or get help if you get a dog that you can't handle.

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    My girl is Czech. Personally I would go with Czech. Smaller, lighter, more driven. I do think that DDRs have better defense, but they're lower prey/ball drive.Then again they tend to be bigger dogs, (more wear on the joints, longer to mature, lose speed and agility). DDRs are described as Rottweilers when it comes to protection. Czech is pretty much the whole package.

    Either way if you get from an ethical breeder breeding for protection or sport, either line will be a dream come true.

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    ● "Which GSD(German Shepherd Dog) Working Line should i pick i have decided Czech or DDR, ruled out WGWL?"

    Wrong question, wrong starting point.

    The correct starting point is NOT the ancestral nationality, but the CURRENT proven performance.

    BTW - why wouldn't you "like" WGwl"s such as and ? (read the comments after each pedigree)

    So get into your nearest IPO/SchH club and start talking to the trainers, plus noticing how calm (or otherwise) the offspring from breeders available in your travel-range are. A CALM, steady dog is far preferable to a "spectacular" dog that is not under your verbal control.

    If you are new to training for any aspect of IPO / SchH / ZVV you will NEED an experienced club member to come with you, to identify whether the pup you "like" is actually suitable for you.

    ● "And a higher aloofness, if you will. high(er) energy, and a confident personallity."

    You must be a Yank. The REAL Standard of the GSD (approved at conferences of the WUSV - World Union of GSD Clubs - with about 77 nations voting) does NOT want a dog that is "aloof", so doesn't use that word. See

    As far as I am concerned, a GSD should want to know EVERYTHING and investigate EVERYONE, albeit preferring their own "pet human & partner" after the investigation.


    to your browser, so that you can easily look up all sorts of information about dogs, especially GSDs.

    To discuss GSDs, join some groups such as

    The people in them KNOW about GSDs. Plus you can include actual photos in your posts. might suit you.

    King Les The Lofty - first pup in 1950; GSD breeder & trainer as of 1968

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