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Which one of my mystery novel ideas sounds better?

I have two mystery novel ideas that I thought of. Tell me which one you prefer.

1. A group of friends were previously somewhat mean to a girl at their high school. One day, she mysteriously leaves and nobody knows what happened to her. The group of friends (most likely will be 4-5 girls) decide to spend a night in an old abandoned asylum that is supposedly haunted. The girls find out that the asylum is not haunted, but instead holds the girl from their high school who went missing. She tags along with them, and they are suspicious at first. And then they find that the girl they ran into IS the killer, and she kills most of them. When the remaining few (most likely will be 2 left) tell the police, research is done and the remaining girls are told that -whatever her name is- died two years ago.

2. Karmyn Caparelli is sixteen years old. When her boyfriend dumps her and her friends betray her, she is sent to a mental institution. One of her best friends ends up dead and she wants to figure out who. This idea is very complex, with many events and characters. Like a blameful police force who can't be trusted, an older friend of the dead friend who never told the truth, and even a secret twin sister. There are also two people, Anonymous and Jane Doe. Jane Doe helps Karmyn and gives her hints, while Anonymous blackmails. Karmyn spends a lot of time in the mental institution, meeting a lot of guilty people who have filthy secrets.

Anyways, which do you like best? Thanks :)

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    I like them both, but I'd more likely read no.1. I feel I'd be more interested in no.2 if the MC was an adult, but that's just my opinion.

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  • They're both good, but I really like number one.

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  • 6 years ago

    Number 2. Scenario number 1 has been done too many times before.

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  • 6 years ago

    Write whichever story you're bursting to tell.

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  • 6 years ago

    Number one isn't a mystery, it's a slasher movie.

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