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In chapter 12, Holden says "It was pretty quiet, though, because Ernie was playing the piano. It was supposed to be something holy, for God's sake, when he sat down at the piano. Nobody's that good."

I'm confused as to how this should be interpreted. Does Holden mean to say that the music piece is holy, but in actuality, nobody's that pure/ religious? Or does he mean that Ernie sitting down at the piano is holy because he's such an exceptional and inspirational performer?

Please clarify!

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    7 years ago
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    IMO he tries to express that there is some kind of supernatural aura around this whole situation and "holy" is the only word for that that comes to his mind. It is relativated at the same time by adding "for God´s sake" which is a very down to earth appendix in this context

    Source(s): 4 years of studying Americanistics
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