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Are cruises any good, fun?

Im thinking of going on a cruise for my holiday this year it will be my first time on one so looking for advice on good place to go Caribbean, Mediterranean, etc cruises

Ive heard people say there great but would like more info.

A little info about me.

Im 23 male and will be hoping to do activities as sitting by the pool all day isn't me so hoping to keep active throughout the day and night.

Also i read you have to take a tuxedo with you and smart clothes for the nights is that true ?

Looking to go around september october.

Also are they suitable for someone my age.


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  • Den B7
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    7 years ago

    No, cruising is no fun at all. That's why so many people take cruises, because they don't like to have fun. Just kidding!

    You don't need a tux. Cruise lines make a big deal out of "formal nights" and encourage people dress up in nice clothes (not necessarily formal). Supposedly to bring a touch of "high society class" that people imagine the Titanic had. The reality is that they bring out dozens of photographers and hope that passengers get photos taken and that they'll sell a photo package to them.

    Certain restaurants have dress codes, so you may wish to pack some casual/formal attire.

    To consider going on a cruise as a solo traveler, you can expect to pay an up charge for a stateroom. Room rates are based on at least 2 people per. If you take a cruise, travel with a friend or family member.

    If you wish experience cruising for the 1st time, find a short (5 day) cruise that is relatively inexpensive. I cruised last year from Boston to Canada, 5 days for $365 per person. If you find a cruise for less than $100 per day, that's good! Imagine staying at a 1st class hotel and eating 3 meals per day (including at least one meal in a 5 star restaurant) and seeing several shows on land... now think how much it'd cost per day. Likely much more than $100.

    Your age? Age has little to do with it. It is a matter of preference and personality. Some people want to sit by a pool and watch the world go by and others like to see shows, workout in a gym, explore exotic ports, shop, etc. Each cruise offers different activities, ice skating, rock walls, zip lines, wave riding, comedy shows, movies, Vegas style shows to mention a few.

  • Rick31
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    7 years ago

    Yes. We cruised the Caribbean -- Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and the St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. All 3 accept American money. The food is exceptional and they even have spreads out for snacks during non dining times. We went in May. If you go in the September, there is always threat of a hurricane. I have never cruised the Mediterranean but friends of ours loved it especially the stops in Greece. From the US the Caribbean would be much cheaper and from Europe the Mediterranean would be the least expensive. I would recommend taking a friend along. If you are into gambling there are casinos on the boat. There is plenty to drink if you like drinking. I did not dress up in a tux, but only a suit with coat and tie for the captain's dinner. My first cruise was with friends when I was 20 and my second with my wife when I was 28.

  • 7 years ago

    I went on the Norwegian Breakaway last July with some of my friends and loved it. I'm 26 and it was fun. The dress code wasn't bad at all most of the restaurants I was able to wear shorts and didn't need to dress up. For activities, there were plenty of bars on the ship, a gym, casino, broadway shows, etc. I wasn't bored once.

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