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Why do some people both hate and love cities?

Why do some who live in the countryside, and are usually traditionalist, believe that their nation is more advanced, more civilized, and generally better than others because it has many cities and urban areas, yet also believes that cities are evil places of sin and temptation. Why are "civilized nations" so good if they're so bad?

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    People typically do not move more then 25 miles from home statically speaking.

    All places are places of temptation and sin, no exception. There are good places and bad, in the country or the city, no exceptions.

    Evil is out there, so is good, you will find both in your travels no exception.

    This is about you and your belief system, not a place.

    Why is one better than the other, services, many more services in a City than the country.

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  • Mike
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    6 years ago

    Why do some people ask dumb questions that begin "Why do some people"?

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