French translation, s'il-vous-plaît?

I don't trust google nor any other translating websites. THIS IS NOT FOR HOMEWORK I just want to speak more common phrases. Here's the list of 10 phrases/words I need translating

I am not going

I don't care

I don't believe you

You lost me ( as in during a conversation )

I can't see it clearly

You are full of crap

I will see to it


That's totally inappropriate

Not that I know of


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  • 6 years ago
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    Here's the translations in the same order you listed them:

    I am not going = "Je ne va pas" or "Je n'y vais pas" (second one implies you are not going to a particular place.)

    I don't care = "ça m'est égale" (formal) or "Je m'en fiche." (not formal but not rude either) or "Je m'en fou." (very colloquial and kind of rude)

    I don't believe you = "Je ne te fait pas confiance." or "Je ne te crois pas."

    You lost me ( as in during a conversation ) = "Je ne comprend plus là" (literally translated: "I don't get it anymore)

    I can't see it clearly = "Je ne le voit pas clairement."

    You are full of crap = "Tu parles que de la merde" (literally translated: "You only talk crap."

    I will see to it = "Je vais le voir aussi."

    Likewise = "Pareille" (closer to "same")

    That's totally inappropriate = "C'est totalement inapproprié."

    Not that I know of = "Pas autant que je sache."

    These translations are how French people talk and maybe not what you would learn in a classroom. I got the impression that's what you wanted : )

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  • 6 years ago

    Je n'y vais pas

    ça m'est égal

    Je ne te crois pas/ je ne vous crois pas

    Je ne te/vous suis plus

    je ne peux pas le voir clairement

    Tu déconnes/ tu ne dis que des conneries

    Je verrai pour ça

    De même

    C'est totalement/complètement inapproprié

    pas à ma connaissance/ pas que je sache

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    S'il vous plait means please

    I'm not going is je ne vais pas

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