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JWs, what have you been taught, concerning bacteria, viruses, insects and venom in animals that kill Man?

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    Jehovah created all these things. Humans in their perfect condition would not have been susceptible as they are today in their imperfect condition.

    Isaiah talks about about poisonous vipers in the paradise and how toddlers will play around them without any harm coming to either one.

    When Satan misled Eve he set into motion something that did not just effect humans, it effected every aspect on earth. From humans to animals to weather to other types of disasters.

    You may be asking how we know this? That's simple, Jehovah told us through his word the Bible.

    After the flood in Noah's day Jehovah gave Noah the provision of eating the animals to help keep humans from starving to death. The seasons meant there would be places where food would not be available in plant form year round. So animals served as food. Genesis 9:2,3 explains this.

    The weather: Jesus showed that he could control the weather when he was on earth. Mark 4:35-41 shows this. Now if he could control the weather as a human how much more so could he do so from heaven?

    Matthew chapter 24 talks about signs of the last days. Earthquakes are mentioned there among human attitudes and the preaching work.

    Now, you may be wondering why is Jesus not stopping the bad weather that is killing thousands if not tens of thousands each year. That is explained also. Preachers of Christendom churches tell their congregations that God is in control of the earth. But does the God's word the Bible agree with them? No. Jesus told us several times who ruled the world. At John 14:30 it is explained that it is not Jesus or his Father, Jehovah. Paul explained how powerful the one who is ruling the world is at 2 Corinthians 4:3,4

    At Revelation 12:12 it explains that things on earth were going to get much worse when the Devil was not allowed in heaven anymore.

    Yes, all these insects, venomous animals, viruses and bacteria were created by Jehovah for a purpose. Some have been manipulated by man's imperfection and Satan's influence but most are very close to the same as they were when they were created and they have benefits to other species.

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    Have you considered the fact that the Jehovah Witness group is just a CULT?

    And that nothing they have to say can be trusted or believed?

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    Those are amazing products of Creation.

    If you mess with the bull, you get the horn.

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