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Would it cause quite the shitstorm if New England drafted Teddy Bridgewater and he started?

Some people consider Tom Brady the no. 2 QB in the league... but his best years and performances are far behind him. Is it time for Pats fans to finally admit this?

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    It looks like there is a good chance that the Patriots may draft a quarterback. But that quarterback is not going to start ahead of Brady unless Brady goes out injured. There's been wide talk about a number of the QB draft prospects potentially falling even down to the 2nd round. None of them are ready to be starters.

    Brady has seen a decline in his performance. His stats were far from stellar this year. Some blamed it on his new wide receivers. But a lot of it had to do that he was not on target and he did not sync with his receivers like he should have. But even with his performance decline, he still likely remains the starter until he retires.

    The reason why the Patriots need to draft a quarterback this year is because they need to be developing an option for when Brady retires. You don't wait basically until Brady has stated that he's going to retire to pick up his replacement. You want to do it a year or two in advance of that like the Packers did with Rodgers and Favre.

    With as weak as the AFC East is and as well as the Patriots perform, it is not like they are going to get a chance at a player like Andrew Luck, Matthew Stafford or Cam Newton. And if you get a player like that, you kick Brady to the curb and trade him for more draft picks. Because:

    1.) A guy like that is the future of your team

    2.) A guy like that is going to be very unhappy sitting the bench

    3.) A guy like that you want to get on the field making snaps in real games to get more experience

    4.) A guy like that you can't afford both Brady and him due the cap unless you have a really crappy team surrounding the QB

    Brady is 37. I believe Brady stated he'd retire by age 40. That gives the Pats 2-3 years of playing with Brady. And I'm honestly not sure how happy Brady is. Several times he's asked that certain players stay and the Pats like when he took an $11 million pay cut to keep Welker. Guess what. The Patriots took the pay cut, but they said bye bye to Welker anyhow.

    I don't think I'd go for Bridgewater. I'd go for a guy like Bortles or Carr or the QB from Georgia or Pittsburgh or maybe even Manziel.

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    The Patriots will draft a QB for two reasons

    #1 - If a QB that they look at as being a very nice commodity falls to a place in the draft that there is no way they can justify not taking that player.

    #2 - if they do not see Mallett as a viable replacement for Brady in the event he gets injured and there is a player in the draft that they feel can be a better backup than Mallett.

    And Pats Fan and football player for 20+ years of my life I would very well be able to admit when Brady's career is coming to an me the evidence of where Brady's performance has dropped so much that it's time to toss him to scrap heap...

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    I'd be shocked if New England blew a high draft pick on a QB. Ryan Mallett is the heir-apparent to Tommy Bundchen and the team has had good luck with former Wolverines at QB.

    Bundchen will be 36 in August and has, maybe, a couple of productive years left. But if he struggles or gets hurt I think Mallett will step in and make people forget about him...and that awful faux hawk haircut.

    Source(s): Giselle dresses little Tommy like a clown.
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    I could see them drafting a quarterback to learn behind Brady much as the Packers did with Aaron Rodgers. But to start ahead of Brady? Can't see it.

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    If Brady's best years are far behind him and he still happens to be considered the #2 QB in the league, I mean, well... doesn't that kinda say something about the other 30 QBs in the league?

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    I dont' see anyone they draft as being ahead of Brady, but I agree with David, why not draft a QB to learn behind Brady.

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    No it would not.

    Because it is only sports, which is a luxury and not necessary for life or civilization.

    It is a game.

    I realize some people think it is important but it is not.

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    I believe they should jump on a qb if they slide to them.

    Are you trying to tell me that Teddy Bridgewater beats out Tom Brady in training camp?


    Even if he picked up the intricate offense, and slightly out played Brady (ya right), there is no way they bench their HoF qb who is still playing at a high level. He is the owner and coaches favorite son. He is that franchise to patriot fans.

    So you're going to tell me a weak armed qb, with small hands, a small frame, a low wonderlic, an underwhelming personality from Louisville is going to put Brady on the, just lol.

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    Not going to happen, they need to upgrade like 5 different positions before QB.

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    Any QB they draft, And they will, will be 3rd on the depth chart. Mallett is better than anyone coming out in the draft.

    Also. To Paraphrase...Where do you come up with this ____?

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