How does blood typing work?

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  • Bob B
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    Our blood cells have "markers" on them that we can use for blood typing. Different people have different ones, so we can get blood types just be measuring which ones you have. Now, that's also important because if you get someone else's blood and it's the wrong type, your immune system won't have seen the other markers before and will try to destroy them- sometimes with dangerous results.

    There are hundreds of different blood types. Some are more important than others. For instance, the AB system that you probably know about is really important- if you get blood from an incompatible group you are in serious trouble there. Others aren't as much of a problem and you can usually get them without any issues.

    Hospitals will keep track of the important ones when they give you blood transfusions so you don't get the wrong one. Again, some they will be very careful with, there are a few they don't like to mix but will if they have to and many they don't even look at (there are too many to keep track of them all).

    Contrary to some claims, there is no link between blood type and personality or anything else. The only thing that we know it affects is blood transfusions.

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