What does the question "what are your achievements as a student are"?

I am applying to a school and i have to write an essay on what my experience, achievements and attitudes are as a student and a athlete... but i don't really understand what the question is asking... someone pls help

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    7 years ago
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    Important academic assignments -- such as senior projects, and competitions -- such as science fairs, are the most obvious choices in identifying academic accomplishments.

    Tip: Accomplishments are also about overcoming adversity, so showing how you turned around your grades or achieved success in other academic struggles also make great accomplishments.

    Volunteering/Community Service Accomplishments

    While most high school students now complete a variety of community service projects and amass large numbers of volunteering hours, that's no reason not to list your service activities as key accomplishments -- especially if your work was exemplary or you won an award for it.

    Tip: Assuming you are tracking the hours you commit to community service, listing the hours you've volunteered are an easy way to quantify these accomplishments.

    Extracurricular Activities Accomplishments

    Your participation in school-based and community-base……

    This is a good site….hope it helps:


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    I would write about what you've achieved while you're a student for example as an athlete, have you won any competitions or tournaments? Something that you're proud of and will make somebody impressed


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    7 years ago

    Write something that will make them think WOW! Something that you are proud of achieving :) x

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