If you make $20,000 per year, is it possible to afford your own apartment without a roommate?


Would it help if I didn't have a car, only ride a bicycle.

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  • 7 years ago

    $20,000 a year? I feel bad now reading that is a yearly wage, i make that in less than a full day.

    Is it enough - NO. The problem isnt the amount - the problem is if anything serious went wrong you would be in a VERY bad position and could lose everything. As you would have no money set aside to do essentials or unexpected. I have been in property for over 20 years, and im still waiting for a property NOT to have an unexpected.

    My advice save as much as you can, get extra work and build up some serious financials, then look at the market.

  • 7 years ago

    You typically need to prove you take home, after taxes, 3 times the rent. If you pay 30% in taxes, you take home about $14k/year. That means you can afford just under $400/per month on your own.

  • 7 years ago

    first you have to have no debt and incur no debt.

    you have to have something saved...like 5k

    not be too into the newest phone and car etc...live in your means and not go in debt for things...

    living close to work so you can bike or walk is a great idea and it works for now.....

    now assuming your job is stable...you could get a small place close to work....but I mean small and you could make it without a roommate as long as the rent did not increase too fast...which happens every couple years....but you need to have a deposit saved and first and last and then money for other things you will need...

    know your daily living expense...you might not think about it...but the daily jumba coffee out in the morning before work and fast food lunch eats into your budget...you have to be grocery shopping about every 3 days and be eating fresh and green...

    product you use daily add up in cost...shampoo deo and detergent...also become part of the budget...not going back to moms with laundry weekly

    you need a computer and wifi or internet, gas and electric are often included...along with sewer...but other monthly costs like electric will be a bill to plan on

    you'd have to rent a place under $700 a month because even 700 a month is tough...on your wage..$500 studio would be a better choice..

    having a room mate is a hassle because you have to be accountable for their $$$ if they bale...just work on you and planning for you

    you also need to work on your education with out going into debt....so you can get a better paying caree in the future...

    one thing I did as a transition from college to parents and in between room mates was rent a room from a family close to work and school....I actually found a room for rent in the perfect area so I didn't have to depend on a room mate or parents...it was a single mom with her own house and a little girl...mom did have a bf but he did not live their.....everything was included in the $400 rent..internet cable and light gas...I had the same monthly amount and never touched the thermostat...I had a spot in the refrig and a shelf...it was perfect...safe and a good price...I was rarely home and it was a nice family...but I would not suggest more than one child...or a couple...

    good luck....yes get a place...you'll love the freedom..


    but thinking about other cost and extra cost and daily living expenses is important....

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    if you are in the village,or the place is far from the centry of city ,it's ok . but ,in most city of china ,you can not afford you own apartment witout a roommate.

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