Once made a promise to a person who I now can't stand?

Hey, wanted to ask a question about morals kind of. Me and this girl had been friends since we first met (around 6) and have been best friends nearly since. A few years ago, we started going to school at different places and were separated for the first time since we met. We still talked everyday, skyped everyday, and would tell each other everything that was humanly possible. Actually, a lot of my friends thought the two of us were dating, and mutual friends always thinking we were too. Things were great and fun, hung in another country too, but this year, things just went downhill. It wasn't really that she did anything wrong, but i just stopped talking to her, and stopped talking to people altogether. It was a time where I was going through really bad depression, anxiety, multiplle personality thing, and developped minor ocd. I kind of blocked myself out from everybody since i found it easier to cope and stay to myself. I've gotten in touch with everybody but her, and she's always questioning me about what she did wrong and why things can't go back to normal. I want to explain everythign to her, and i've told her she did nothign wrong and that its me, but she refuses to accept it, and i can't bring myself to tell her. Few years ago, promised her that id go to her graduation, no matter what. She doesnt remember, but i do, and i don't know whether to go or not. She wouldnt know...but id know though...What should i do about her graduation and about her in general??? Thanks

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  • 7 years ago
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    I would go. If she has really done nothing wrong then why punish her more by not going?

  • kizzy
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    7 years ago

    I think you should go. Your word is your bond n she did nothing wrong. All you had to tell her was you had a few personal issues u were dealing with n thats why u had to be alone.

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