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Does it matter what type of guitar Capo you use?



I have those two but I barely use them unless I have to. Like I'm always on my electric guitar and I almost never use it unless I play soft rock songs that sometimes need capos. My guitar teacher told me some capos hold the strings very tight and could damage the guitar, break the string, or make it out of tune. He noticed that because on his J200 and Fender telecaster red, he used a certain on them, and it went out of tune and stuff. He then changed to a different capo, and it made everything better it stayed out of tune.

BQ: Is it just better to tune your guitar up instead of using a capo? Would that be more efficient.?

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    The big disadvantage of that spring loaded type is that you can't adjust the pressure, so it may pull your strings out of tune a little. People vary in how sensitive they are to this. It's not as bad as the cheap Dunlop elastic type that may actually pull the strings sideways if you don't apply it just right.

    Most folks swear by Shubb capos, and I've never heard anything bad about them except the price. I really like the $10 Dunlop "Pickers Pal" because it works fine and is light enough not to damage a guitar if it gets dropped, but I'm probably the only one here. It's not very elegant looking and isn't as quick to apply as some, although it can be adjusted very quickly to vary pressure, and will fit either classical or steel string guitars.

    Other than by being dropped on the guitar, or allowed to kick around in the case loose, about the only way a capo can cause damage is if you try to tune with it on. That will lead to increased wear on strings and frets.

    As Mikey says, never try to high tune your strings. They will break if tuned much higher than standard pitch, and you will place excessive tension on your guitar's neck, possibly bowing it. If a guitar is to be used for something like Nashville tuning, special strings are needed.

    P.S. Here is a wonderful site showing every capo design under the sun, including historical ones I've never heard of! http://www.sternercapo.se/Capomuseum/index.htm#men...

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    Capos are not all the same but they pretty much all do the same job. You can get a $4 cheap capo and it does the same function as a $30 unit. (with the exception of a few "specialty" capos that will actually press certain strings and let others ring out, or some capos that only bar across a few strings.)

    Capos are useful for certain things and allow you to quickly change keys. You should not re-tune the guitar to raise the pitch of the strings because you will place way too much tension on the strings and neck. Placing a capo on the fretboard does not change the string tension, only the string length.

    Source(s): G.I.T. graduate 35+ years playing/teaching http://www.youtube.com/user/gtarczar
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    There is no danger in using capos on a guitar. Period. Musicians use capos so they don't have to detune and retune their guitar. they simply move the capo up and down to change keys.

    Get Jim Dunlop capo and don't have to spend more than a couple of dollars for a decent one. They all do the same job in the end.

    Source(s): Berklee Teacher / Luthier & Student Guitarist
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    Those are both fake Kyser capos. If that's the style you like then at least get a real one. I happen to prefer Shubb capos if you're getting an inexpensive capo.

    The best capos by far are Elliot Elite model capos but I'm guessing you're not ready for that yet as it's a professional model. I use one and it's an absolute work of art.

    >>BQ: Is it just better to tune your guitar up instead of using a capo? Would that be more efficient.?<<

    No, that's not better. You'll either break all of the strings or you'll snap the neck of the guitar. Don't do it.

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    some capo can be move just slight touch(glider capo) which is necessary for some song .so know if you also need it or not

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