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Is the temp for BC Canada OK for an Alaskan Malamute?

My family really wants to adopt an alaskan Malamute but we aren't sure about the temp here... IT IS NOT AN ARCTIC POLE! It gets cold here early right at almost in middle of September most of the time and goes hot at April not extreme just a nice day to go to a park but its rare that the weather is so hot that you would start sweating quick, If it is too hot here than maybe some tips i can do to make it not over heat.

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    I used to live in BC, I've seen a lot of Malamutes and other dogs with thick heavy coats that were just fine even during the summer. Worst case, take your dog to the beach to cool down!

    Source(s): Had a Bernese Mountain Dog, which were originally working dogs from Switzerland that would be used n the Alps. He was just fine in the summer and when we did get snow in the winter, he was very very happy.
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    Why would outdoor temps matter? Dogs belong indoors and only lazy twits who have no business having a dog keeps a dog outside. Dogs have been bred for thousands of years to live indoors.

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    I live in BC as well, the temperature here is pretty good in my opinion for a Alaskan Malamute. Not too cold and not too hot during summer.

    You can read all about Alaskan Mulamutes here:

    Good luck!

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