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Should I be worried about my OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)?

I have almost all of the signs of OCD after reading medical articles. I know I absolutely have it. Should it be something I should worry about? I love cleaning and constantly clean, which is one of the my main signs.

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    Quite often, knowing that you have OCD will help you deal with it. If you start worrying that you didn't lock the door, instead of giving in to the worry, you can say to yourself, "that's just my OCD talking. I'm going to ignore it."

    What you describe is more likley OCPD, not OCD, although it is common to see people with both.

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    It's a little odd that you say you LOVE cleaning. People with OCD generally don't love their compulsions.

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    Just liking to clean things and being organized is not what OCD is. This is a common misconception. OCD is an anxiety disorder characterized by unwanted, intrusive thoughts (obsessions) and rituals to neutralize the anxiety caused by the obsessions (compulsions). If you don't like to clean, but still do anyways to relieve anxiety for unwanted thoughts then you probably have OCD. If you just like cleaning then you probably don't have OCD.

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    nah brah but if you have people come over don't clean up their mess until they leave your house

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