Does she like me? Or are we jsut friends? (10 pts for best answer)?

Becky is the type of girl that doesn't like physical contact, even between friends but lately, she seems fine with me half wrapping my arms around her and bumping her on the arm continuous while sitting on a bench for more space.

Also, I feel like I'm seeing her alot more before, she rarely stays for spare last and usually comes late when we have it first.

Fast forwarding to after school, I was waiting at the bus stop from across the street. I turn back and I see Becky from way across the street, about a hundred metres or so away...and she waves at me! I walk back across the street to talk to her and we talk for a bit and she gives me a pce of her cookie but then the bus comes

Last week, I tolda friend I was snapchatting Becky a lot. She brought it up with Becky as they went for a run. Becky then said she had to go out for dinner adn when asked with whom, she said with me!

Then yesterday, I saw my previous crush, Kate and I walked right into her path to block her and I said. "excuse me." and she said. "Lets move plz." anyways later in the day, I'm talking to Becky as she's leaving on her spare now so she can get to the airport and I told her to bring me back a t-shirt. Kate comes up from behind and shoves me playfully as I'm talking to Becky telling me to walk faster and trying to talk to me...

1) Does Becky like me, or at least interested?

2) Kate is a popular (party) girl which was why I forced myself to get over her...but was she jealous?

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    7 years ago
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    Becky has feelings towards you (sharing food, Being physical) Katey on the other hand seems like the kinda girl that leads people on, just a tease. (flirting/toying around with you WHILE she has a boyfriend, just seems weird. I say you keep it 100 with becky and forget about katey. becky seems like a good girl and you like her right? I Dont dont think you wanna be the friendzoned guy here so give her hints that you like her then if she seems to like you too ask her out :)

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Well, no guarantees bro but from reading what you said I would say Becky would at least have some interest in you. I had a crush on a girl last year and stuff, and I heard from my friend she liked me back, Becky sort of reminded me of her, kind of the same personality, but I was too nervous to tell her I liked her and I missed the shot. So now she moved schools and I can't tell her anymore.

    So what I'm saying is if you think she has a crush on you, you could tell her you like her and see what happens.

    As for Kate, shoving you playfully doesn't sound jealous, I'm not sure if that's just the way she is, (you would know better than I do) or if she might like you a bit too.

    It's a tough call man, but if you really want the true 100% information on either girl, you will have to go straight to the source.

    Source(s): personal experiences
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