I have 3 monitors connected to my computer, but can apparently only use two at once. How do I set up 3 monitors at once?

I have two monitors hooked up normally, then a third attached by HDMI. All connected to the same graphics card. But when I try to set up their arrangement in "Screen Resolution" Windows 7 only allows me to have two active windows at once. Even when I try to duplicate the monitors, have monitor "2" and "3" show the same thing, I get a "Unable to save display setting error".

What is going on, and what do I need to do to get all three monitors in on my computer at the same time, even if two of them are duplicate views?


Both answers help, thanks. Going to keep this up for a little longer.

By 'normal' connection, I mean a standard monitor cord. Not sure what it's called exactly, ends are less than an inch wide and have several needle-like pins as the actual connections.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Your graphics card might not be able to run more then 3 monitors research your graphics card and see if it is compatible. My laptop had 2 Ports for displays and only 1 of those Ports will work at a time

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