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I am outraged and miserable?

My parents ruined my childhood by physical and sexual abuse, neglect and threats. They always apologized and said they love me but is it true? what kind of love is that? I eventually went to boarding school just to get away from them but they still treat me no better than a dog same with my boarding school which I hate to this day because they abused me with work and disrespected me. I told the teachers about my abusive parents and they are did so little to nothing. They think that I should stay here because they "need" someone to do their work and I have had enough of the pathetic excuses from my parents saying well our parents beat us with belts just so that they can take their anger out on me and I am just disgusted by my parents who "love me" and I feel like it's not true. Should I leave the losers and go live with my cousins or grandma? I feel really unhealthy with my parents and their crappy attitudes they can go to hell and I don't feel sorry for them one bit for destroying me and I want to be fixed by going to a doctor and hope my life gets better because just in case they try to hit me again Im going to carry a pocket knife on my and use it on them if they try to get their way with me and I hope they go to hell for what they did to me. I hate them sooo much for abusing me in public and everyone just watched, hassling, harassing, humiliating and abusing me. WHY DID THEY HAVE TO HAVE KIDS JUST TO MAKE THEIR LIFE A LIVING HELL JUST FOR PLEASURE WHY!?!?!?!


My parents are now sending me sad messages with emoji icons with sad faces to make me feel bad. But it's not going to work against me to give in to them because they just need a punching bag. They wont have their way with me.

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    First i am sorry for the way you were forced to grow up, second what they said was "love" isn't love it was their way of controlling you and making it so you feel bad if you went to the cops. You need to take this to the police immediately, as long as it hasn't been 7 yrs since the last time your parent's did anything to you then they can do some digging and look into it. Your parent's sound like monsters, they deserve to go to prison for the things they have done to you; i urge you to atleast talk to the police and see what they can do. I hope this was helpful, and i hope you can take some preventative measures to make sure you never have to be alone with them again.

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