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Toronto police college requirements?

What are the requirements?

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    If you are talking about the training school of the Toronto Police Service.......Only those who have been "hired " to be Toronto Police Service recruits, go there. It is not a private training school, like Humber College or Seneca College, where students pay for their OWN training courses.

    All persons who have been "hired " by a Ontario Police Service, MUST attend either the Ontario Police College, in Aylmer, Ontario, or a training school operated by the hiring Police Service, such as the OPP training school in Orillia, Ontario, or the TPS training school, located in Etobicoke.

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    Toronto Police Requirements

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    Being offered employment with Toronto Police Services.

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    if you are looking for a career in law enforcement many forces etc. now require their a university or college degree just to be offered employment

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