Child support when you have other kids?

Hi everyone

I was recently approached by an ex girlfriend and informed that I have a kid with her. We broke up in Feb 2000 and the kid was born in Oct. She would now like child support going forward. Something about her new husband being at odds with her.

Of course I want a DNA test, but he also looks a lot like me.

My concern is not paying child support, but the amount of child support. I have three kids with my wife, one of whom is disabled. Once the bills are paid there's only ever a couple of hundred left over at the end of the month.

My life is not extravagant. I have a 10 yr and 1 yr old car, a crappy townhouse that's falling apart, and a fear that I've only got a couple of months left in my well paying job, and comparable jobs here in toronto pay 20% less

I know the lefties are going to jump all over me, but at issue is do I deny the son who lives with me the therapy that he needs to be able to exist in this world ( thanks Kathleen Wynne for 3 year wait lists for therapy for autistics), do we eat at food banks so I can pay support.

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  • boj
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    6 years ago
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    Support payments will be adjusted for you to take care of your family & to allow for the therapy your son needs. If you are not receiving disability for him, you should apply, that income wont be included in the child support.

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  • 6 years ago

    Doesn't Canada take care of special needs child's medical and physical therapy needs? They do here in the USA and along with that a family receives over $700 a month for that disabled child from social security. Have you checked your government programs?

    You're going to have to ask someone about the legal aspect. I'm sure your family situation and the number of kids you currently have will be figured in to child support.

    And this is what happens when you have an affair.

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  • 6 years ago

    What took so long for her to bring all this up? I would be very hurt that you have a child that you didn't see for 14 yrs!

    I would speak to a lawyer about this ASAP! Get your "ducks in a row" per say! I would also bring all your bills & sorry but stress the point of your other child being disabled. Does your wife work? I'm sure she's not going to get big money. Because the courts are going to see she did this alone for 14 yrs what's another 4? Good luck!

    • Underthesea12
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      3 yr wait list omg! How? That's losing so much time with children that need it most! The US is right behind ya on the fast track to crap town!! My cousin had 3 autistic kids & gets tons in support but no $.

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  • 6 years ago

    Don't worry..the more kids you have the less child support you pay..

    But say in court your situtation and that you have 3 kids.

    And child support is dependent on your income not..your gf demands

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