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How do I break my weight loss plateau?

I'm a 5' 7" teenage guy and last summer (July) I weighed in at 190 lbs which was extremely overweight for my age (15). Anyways, I started losing weight and by march of this year I had lost 35 pounds (155). The problem is I have been stuck at this weight for over 3 months and I can't seem to shake this plateau. I was wondering if there was anything someone reccomeneds in order to reboot my weight loss process. I would like to be around 140-145 max by September so I need to lose 5 pounds per month (June, July and August) in order to reach my goal so how can I break my weight loss plateau?

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    I would suggest trying these things:

    1. Have a higher-calorie day. Eat more than you usually would to boost your metabolism. It works for most people, but not everyone.

    2. Switch it up! If you regularly do, say, an hour of running a day, switch it to an hour of cycling or another type of exercise for a few days. You can also increase the amount of time you spend exercising.

    You can change what you are eating as well. For example, if you are always eating toast with peanut butter for breakfast, try switching it with cereal or fruits. If you're eating the same thing constantly, it can be boring to your metabolism and so it would help to "wake it up" with some different foods.

    3. Eat foods that boost your metabolism, like spinach, or drink things that boost your metabolism, like green tea.

    4. The absolute last option if nothing else works is to wait it out. The plateau has to come to an end eventually. Since it already has been three months for you, I'd guess that it should be over soon and weight loss will resume.

    Hope this helps!

    Congratulations on your weight loss, by the way. :)

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    Well, I reccomend Yoga, its very peacefully, and relaxing, I reccomend doing yoga in a quiet enviroment, and stick to eating less or eat more fruits and veggies, you can write a planner of how many calories to eat that day or what kinds of snacks you'll eat, good snacks are peanutbutter and celery, carrots, apples, and watermelon!

    I really hoped I helped! :)

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    Consume low calorie food

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    Instead of sitting and studying, listen to books on tape as you walk, clean, or garden.

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    Slide a modest trampoline under your couch along with pull it out for Residence of Cards marathons.

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    try a pasta less spaghetti by mixing shredded zucchini veggie meatballs and raw tomato sauce seasoned with a dash of zesty oregano

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    Drink plenty of water daily

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    Better to drink warm water with lemon and honey

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    for a thicker creamier texture choose low fat unsweetened greek yogurt loaded with protein calcium and natural probiotics it makes for a tasty snack any time

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