A children's novel from the POV of a green dragon?

Okay so when I was in like first grade or sth I read a book about what I remember to be a dragon who went on this, like, adventure? But what I remember most clearly was that he was a teenage (I think) dragon and in one point of the book it talked about how they breathed fire and referred to it as a furnace inside of the dragon, or sth like that. And he met a girl dragon at some point? I believe the book was a beige color or maybe some creamy yellow color, and the dragon was on the front and he was green? I remember that for sure, he was def. green. I am driving myself insane looking for this book someone please help?!?!? :/ Any childrens novels from the POV of a green dragon would be cool actually thanks!!!

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    "My Father's Dragon"?

    or Puff the magic dragon? I don't know. Those are the only kids' books I know with dragons in them.

    Google "dragons in childrens' books" and click Shopping. That'll give you a list of books.

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