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Successes of the UN?

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could give me 3 (or more) examples of a successful mission by the United Nations. With those examples can you list the place, year, and what they have achieved in that area and maybe a link to your sources (if possible). Thank you in advanced! Any answers are appreciated! :)

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    1) Peacekeeping mission in Cambodia. The signing of a peace agreement, nationwide elections supervised by the UN and the writing of the constitution and many other matters between 1991 when the UN went in and 1963 when they left. United Nations Transitional Authority -Cambodia (UNTAC) was the peacekeeping force.

    2) The eradication of diseases such as Smallpox and the reduction in others like Cholera, Typhoid etc. This was done by the "World Health Organisation" (WHO).

    3) The UN supervised referendum in East Timor in 1999 and the granting of independence from Indonesia after being invaded by Indonesia in 1975. The UN maintained a reasonable amount of peace when there were many in the Indonesian government and military who were unhappy about East Timor gaining independence. Many units of the Indonesian military and their allied militias carried out a "scorched earth policy" as they left. The UN also monitored the elections.

    Source(s): A former TV news cameraman and journalist with over 30 years in the industry in Australia and Southeast Asia. Currently a retired SE Asian historian.
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    Why don't you try the UN website, and see what it has to say?

    One thing to keep in mind is that there are two basic divisions -- the part that gets most of the news coverage, that's supposed to prevent wars, and similar things; and the other part that engages in life-saving, and improvement of quality of life (the UNHCR, which helps refugees, UNICEF -- all those other groups).

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