Anyone who has read "A Clockwork Orange", please answer!?

What do you understand by the phrase "to ooze juicily at the last round the bearded lips of God"? This is from Part 1 Chapter 2, an excerpt from F. Alexander's book (with the same title as the actual novel).

Appreciate any interpretations!

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    Man, a creature of God, is capable of being sweet, kind, charitable: he can "ooze" or drip, sweetness like the juice of an orange. But if this "oozing" is done mechanically, by force, it is not the work of the Almighty. It is not what our maker intended by giving us free will. Alexander is against things like the Ludovico method, which take away free will, even from psychotic thugs like Alex DeLarge. Ironic, since DeLarge was the one who puts him in that wheelchair and rapes his wife.

  • 6 years ago

    Thanks! Evidently you are more helpful compared to those who are unable to distinguish a call for literary interpretations from a blatant request for homework help.

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    It means do your own homework

  • Thomas
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    6 years ago

    I loved the movie.

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