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minimum wage?

I work a minimum wage job at a garage. It went up june 1st to 11$ my boss is trying to tell me he wasnt informed can I go report him for underpaying me somewhere?

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    Certainly you are in the right, it doesn't matter if he wasn't informed, he is supposed to check on such matters now and again and he probably really knew about the rise but just couldn't be azzed paying you properly. First ask him to pay what he owes you, if you don't get it then get in touch with local authority or even one of your local politicians who would tell you how and where to report it. I'm not in the US but I believe your minimum wage system works similar to ours in the UK, it HAS to be paid to you and they can't dodge it by saying they were not informed of any increases. As the other answer says there is the chance of being sacked for reporting him, but do you really want to work for someone who breaks the law? I know I wouldn't.

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    Before reporting him, why not wait to see if he makes good. If you report him, you might get one week of pay at the new rate and then get fired - then you won't get any pay. If he continues to pay below minimum, then you have to check to make sure he is actually covered by the law - sometimes small businesses get exemptions.

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    Inform him first about it and see what happens

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    Don't you think you should give him a chance to correct it first?

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