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why wont my dog go up the basement stairs anymore?

So since yesterday she doesn't seem to want to go up them anymore. Yesterday she ran up them and started crying. Immediately i checked her out but couldn't find anywhere that seemed to be hurt. She continued the night just fine. Today when I got up she was laying outside my room. After my shower she was still downstairs which was strange cause usually when i go upstairs she follows. This time she was laying in my room beside my bed. So i got ready for work and asked her if she wanted to go out. She got up all happy as i take her out every morning before work. When it came to the stairs she got to the first step and put here two front paws on it but wouldn't go any further. I was like come on pandora lets go outside. you can do it. She backed up a little bit from the stairs and went to do it again. but again stopped at the first step. I said the same thing and she backed up even further away from the stairs and tried again. and again the same thing. So I went downstairs and picked up my big baby girl and carried her up the stairs. Now when i picked her up she cried so i think there is pain somewhere. I'm thinking it might be her hips as she is a big dog.

She is an alaskan malamute and she is 3 years old in 11 days.

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    Yes, she is in pain. She may have taken a tumble down those stairs and you didn't know about it. She needs to be taken to the vet. I wouldn't let her walk up and down those stairs anymore. Find out if she is injured before you let her walk up and down the stairs.

    Dogs are great at hiding pain. They are very stoic and they can be in a tremendous amount of pain and not react to it the way that we do. They are sometimes in a lot of pain and we don't recognize it. Please take her to the vet right away. They can give her steroids to help with any joint, muscle or ligament injuries, and also pain medication. Your dog is too young to have arthritis so she's injured herself somehow.

    It could be a genetic problem with her hips, but since this is a sudden change, I think she is injured.

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    Gee, yes, obviously the dog's in pain. So get her to the vet to have it diagnosed and treated. Leaving her in pain or carrying her up the stairs isn't a good solution!

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    do not worry mine is too your dog is stoget i think

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    becos ur dog is stoopet

    Source(s): dont worry mine is too
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