how to get ride of "SPONSERED" MAIL?

In my mail email box from Yahoo how to get ride of the "sponsored" junk mail.

Thank you.

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  • 6 years ago

    First...the new ad locations above your inbox emails

    only takes up one line. It changes on occasion

    and if you accidentally click on it it will not cause any

    problems for you other than possibly receiving an email

    from them which you can SPAM. Anytime someone

    clicks on it Yahoo gets a fee from the advertiser.

    Now, if you still want to remove it below will show you how.

    Presently, there are no options to Spam it, remove it or

    delete it in the normal way. This link explains the new ad

    location and others

    This link contains several that explain ADS


    Below are some links for various browsers that

    eliminate ads....including the one above your inbox

    emails. I had to download the link for each browser

    being used to accomplish this.


    If you do not want to download AdBlockPlus.......

    For the Ad on the right side of your emails I have

    found if you increase the size of your font by holding

    down the CTRL button (lower left/right on your

    keyboard)and rotate the wheel on your mouse

    forward to increase thesize of your font you can

    force the ad off the right side of your email page.

    You can also accomplish this by holding down the

    CTRL button on your key board and clicking on the

    plus "+" sign to increase the size. You will then have to scrollto the right to read all of the text.You also have

    the option of clicking on the small arrow inthe

    horizontal line separating the ad from the email...

    Hardto see sometimes.


    The following Adblock Plus links have to be

    downloadedfor each browser


    Google Chrome

    Internet Explorer


    This link is a helper site for Ad block Plus....…


    If you don't already have these browsers...

    This Yahoo link displays the latest versions of IE and MacIntosh

    browsers that work best with Yahoo


    this is another one that might work for Safari Mac and others


    And if you want to pay for the ad removal hover your pointer over the

    GEAR...upper right....while in the INBOX on AD FREE MAIL

    It costs $49.99 a year. If you purchase this and still see Ads open this





    Yahoo no longer picks the best answer. We out here would

    appreciate YOU doing it. So....when you are done receiving

    answers to your question "PLEASE" pick one as a BEST

    answer so someone gets credit for answering it. Thanks......

    You must wait ONE HOUR after you ask a question before choosing.

    This link will show how.


  • 6 years ago

    -Switch to Google's Mail. They don't do that ( yet ). :)

  • 6 years ago


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