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I have a choice between a htc desire 601, samsung galaxy ace 2 x, and a sony xperia m. I want to know which one is the best out of those three. If you could give your advice and some pros and cons of each I would greatly appreciate it. Also these are the only three choices i have with the plan i am looking at. Thanks

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    6 years ago
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    The Galaxy Ace 2 isn't much of a good choice. Imo it wasn't a very good update from the original. It's as horribly breakable as an iPhone.

    The Xperia M is a solid midend with no specialties. Only a 5MP camera, a TFT LCD screen, but the S4 Plus with the Adreno 305 isn't bad, but just a good CPU isn't going to make this phone the greatest, at least fast. You'll be able to play 3D games with confidence, but the subpar screen is going to let you down especially in bright areas.

    I'd say go with the Desire 601. That Snapdragon 400 is faster than the S4 Plus by a big amount, and it's upgradeable to KitKat. The screen, camera, and RAM are still going to be the same, so this one's good for its speed. You'll also have the bonus of Sense 5.0, and that depends on whether you like it or not.

    Like I always say, I recommend that you root it with a custom ROM to remove any crapware (useless data that takes up storage that can't be deleted) that your carrier decided to pack up in there, and it'll make your phone somewhat faster as well as give you total control.

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