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Are these hashtags where women complain about how oppressed and abused they are constructive and useful?

so its basically women going online to complain that they are being stalked, abused and insulted - even molested and r*ped - by men - on, what sounds like, a daily basis for some of these women.

this happens to these women EVERYDAY apparently.

here are some tweets on this -

- Women are being grabbed, followed, threatened, and we're supposed to pretend that's a compliment? #NotJustHello

- If you feel entitled to me, my attention or my space, it is not simply "flirting." #NotJustHello

- Memo to whiney guys in #NotJustHello: flirting isn't something you do with strangers, but in a context where it's clear that it's welcome.

- Incessantly followed & eventually cornered, whether at a nightclub or on the street. Grabbed at a bus stop after saying 'no' #notjusthello


There's no pretense on the guy side that it's about anything but establishing & confirming power, a compliance check. #NotJustHello

Update 2:

If you read #NotJustHello and you're more concerned with men's feeling than women's safety, you are a danger to all women's safety.

If you're a man who's never harassed a woman, don't go bragging to us. Call out the men that do. #NotJustHello

I wear headphones & read books on the train. A guy pulled my headphones off to "discuss" my book with me. #NotJustHello

Update 3:

#NotJustHello if it becomes "stuck up slag, i'll cut your legs off and no one will see you again" because you didn't return their attention.

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    Constructive: Probably not

    Usefull: Not

    This is feminist hysteria. I live in a massive city and catch public transport more days than not, beside a few dead beats who are there to cause grief to everyone most people just ignore each other on public transport. I have certainly never seen anyone get groped on the subway or a bus although I remember there was some rapes on the subways back in the 80s. There are no doubt some areas of the city I don't go to that are not very safe for anyone who doesn't live there.

    As for flirting, men and women both flirt. A flirt is fine so long as it is just a flirt and if you got the signals wrong and get nothing back don't press the issue. Once again bars are a more likely place to do this.

  • 7 years ago

    Hmm, well, if they are all true examples, then it's certainly interesting to hear that this kind of thing happens. Awareness is good, and if you find it to be moany then I guess you can always just ignore it. I'm not a fan of moaniness, but if I guy told me he'd chop my legs off for not responding to his advances, I think I'd want people to know about it too!!!!

    I can't say I've ever experienced anything like this stuff, certainly not every day! However, I am fairly plain, and maybe they are super stunning and attract unwanted attention more easily. I will reserve judgement for now.

  • 7 years ago

    "Are these hashtags where women complain about how oppressed and abused they are constructive and useful?"

    No. They are only useful as a venting arena for like minded females that wish to see every injustice perpetrated against them individually as some sort of male conspiracy to oppress women. As with most feminist programs, this is gender divisive, not harmonious.

    In the end, the feminist message is becoming diluted due to these uniformed gender warriors defining feminism through their own lenses, in increasingly ridiculous contexts. "I need feminism because__" is just one example. You should see some of the illogical reasons some females believe they need feminism for. The other thing I'm seeing is many younger females that recently discover feminism, then come on here to tell us they don't have equal rights, or are getting paid less than men for the EXACT same job. Things that feminist organizations are careful never to mention without using very loose language. Listening to these new gender warriors always gives me the feeling I'm still living in 1971.

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    7 years ago

    It's a valid way to raise awareness.

    So many women think that the offensive behaviour that many men exhibit is normal and acceptable and that they must be the weird ones because they don't like it. These sorts of hashtags and websites make it clear that an awful lot of women are not happy with this kind of behaviour.

    So now instead of being groped on the train and feeling like you can't complain because that's just how things are, women are finding a voice to speak out and say it's not OK.

    And that's important whether you think so or not.

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  • 7 years ago


  • 7 years ago

    Constructive? No.

    Useful? Maybe.

    Instructive? They do expose some very odd and disturbing behaviour in foreign cultures somewhere. Seriously, have you ever seen someone "grab" a woman at a bus stop? That never happens here.

    Amusing? Some of them are hilarious.

    Flirting is never welcomed ever. We should all just stop doing that. Helping people at random is not "flirting". It is being polite and helpful. It is giving to the community for its own well-being.


  • 7 years ago

    Gender narcissism. I am not even going to touch the issue of how "common" this things really are. The very fact that they give this NUISANCES so much attention and apparent importance shows how superficial and narcissistic they are.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    they are trying to raise awareness, not just complain and *****.

    its true that this kind of treatment happens to women daily, this stuff happens constantly and things do need to change. lots of things need to change, for men and women.

    of course, this will get thumbed down even though everything written is true, women experience this stuff a lot. this kind of treatment not only effects women, but it effects men. men are being robbed of the chance to form healthy loving relationships with women because they are taught to desire women for the looks and purely for sexual reasons, NO relationship that is based on looks is loving.

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