Why french fries doesn't have sodium that much ?

french fries have a lot of salt on. Salt have a lot of sodium. There are many food that have a lot of sodium than french fries. Plus, ketchup have a lot of sodium. I don't understand. So does this mean if I eat by mixing some salt with potatoes, rice or pasta, it would be the same result ? I would get same amount of sodium, salt ?

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  • 6 years ago
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    When you make your own food from scratch, you can control how much sodium or salt is put in that dish. Most things do taste a little better with a pinch or two of salt, and your body does need salt as part of your daily nutrition. However, you are correct that many prepared and fast foods have way more sodium than is needed in a daily diet. The sodium/salt is used largely as seasoning to either cover up the flavors of other ingredients or sometimes in place of sugar or other sweeteners to enhance the flavor.

    If you tried to prepare a bowl of rice or pasta and didn't include a little bit of salt, they would taste very bland. Add just a pinch of salt and the flavor of the rice or pasta or potato really comes out. Even things like bread and many candies include salt as an ingredient. I find it unlikely, though, that most people would put as much salt in their homemade dishes as is found in fast food or prepared foods.

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    6 years ago

    sodium isn't good for health, it's not good for child and old man who have problem of high blood presser.

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