Canadian Forces Medical Assistant?

Hi there, I'm thinking of enlisting in the Canadian Forces as a Medical Assistant with the Reserves. A general list of duties is given on the website, like helping give vision tests and different things like that, but was wondering if anybody could give a bit more detail about what duties would include. Would duties ever extend into a civilian hospital, or would you ever assist in the OR?

And I know that deployment is voluntary, and have already decided that if it was to be a deployment for combat I wouldn't go, but would go in a heartbeat if it was a humanitarian mission. And is there any room for growth in the role, like I know Medical Technicians can specialize in the OR or in an administrative role, is there similar room for specialization as a Medical Assistant? And does anybody have experiences in the role?

Thanks a lot

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    7 years ago

    Have you contacted your local CFRC to ask them? Combat missions aren't issued to those in the medical field. If you deployed and your unit came under attack you could have to engage the enemy to protect the injured.

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    You WOULD Be a solider first. Which means you COULD have to engage the enemy. Medical units don't deploy go out and hunt the enemy they are Infantry. But they are needed to SAVE those that do the fighting and will also meet medical needs of the civilian population.

    Don't go Reg Force then. Because you don't have a choice when to deploy. You get your orders and you go.

    If something major did occur then Reserve units COULD be activated and get orders to go.

    Source(s): Former member Canadian Army Reserve Infantry
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