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What is the difference between a drain worm and a pin worm?

So I've been having some problems of first thinking I had pin worms because I would see these small worms in my tub and I thought it was because I might've had pin worms. Now I think it might be drain worms but at the same time I don't know. Can someone please explain to me further more about this and give me suggestions on what I should do?! I was really terrified that I kept thinking I had pin worms but now I'm so unsure about everything.

Please please please help me. I'm in desperate need of help because I've been so paranoid lately.

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    Pin worms live in your rectum and make your butt itch like crazy. These are most common in very young children and I believe that there are some OTC products will get rid of them completely. Drain worms are . . . I'm not sure. Maybe fly larvae eating gunk caught in the drain?

    If you haven't found any worms on your butt or seen them in the toilet, you don't have any.

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    This is dog question and answers you need to google both of the above.

    Animals do not harbor pinworms - humans are the only natural host for this parasite.

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