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Which movie was better: "Alien" or "Aliens"? In your opinion, why? And which one was scarier?

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    None are scary at all, they're monster movies. I like both movies, and when I first saw the question I was going to answer quickly with aliens. Now I'm thinking about alien, and the atmosphere it sets. Aliens is definitely more action packed, but I'm going to go with alien.

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    They're both really good, but I'd have to say 'Aliens.' That one seems to be everyone's favorite out of the original four. It's pretty enjoyable, especially the first time you watch it. One downside is they kind of overdue the suspense by spending too much time building it up. As far as which one was scarier, I have to say I was never really frightened by these movies. I don't know, I guess the aliens don't freak me out as much as most people. To me, they're just another deadly creature facing off in a battle against humans. Also, make sure you watch the director's cut/special addition of each. The extra twenty minutes or so of footage for each is great, and I don't think it should have been cut from the theatrical version. It probably just was for time reasons, as these films are fairly long.

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    Alien. Alien sets a mood really well. It's such a delicately crafted world that really unsettles you, even among the human characters. It's almost claustrophobic and it's so intense at times. Aliens is a fun ride that shines in terms of special effects and action sequences. The mood is there, but it isn't as palpable as in its predecessor.

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    I suggest you still go from Alien to Aliens, Alien is creepier, but Aliens is an all out full action movie, the action in its so intense to the point its kind of hard to believe its make in 1986.

    But a lot in Aliens reference from Alien so if you skip Alien you wouldn't know what is it about in Aliens

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  • 6 years ago

    Thank you everyone for responding to my question! I enjoyed reading all your answers. There are no "right" or "wrong" answers— it's personal preference. I asked my husband for his opinion and he went with "Alien". BTW, I do get scared at monster movies, and I found them both pretty scary!

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