Question about leukemia?

Google didn't help except it says its usually fatal if it relapses before treatment ends.

When leukemia relapses to testicles ONLY, what does it look like? a lump?

Last night I was dressing my boy's wound on his knee and his testes look like there is another set of testicles below. I was touching and it feels like epididymis' got larger or something. And if im not wrong testes relapse makes a testicle bigger. and usually 1. They seem normal size.

he is 7. I called oncologist and they said leave it until next chemo, which is in 3 weeks.

I am a "little" worried. He has no other symptoms and his last exam including testes was 10 days ago.

I guess im looking for others opinion of liklihood it would be leukemia 10 days after exam.

He was diagnosed 2 y 1 m ago and is set to successfully finish treatment in august next year.

The second year post diagnosis he almost had no complications comparing to the first year.

He has no other symptoms.

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  • 6 years ago
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    Isolated testicular relapse is really rare, so many oncologists haven't seen a case. The only person I know to have this kind of relapse had a very, very small lump on one testicle, with very minor swelling. The onc was surprised it was noticed, but was concerned enough to investigate it immediately.

    It's unlikely to be testicular relapse for your son, but if you're concerned, by all means, press for an earlier appointment for peace of mind. Your oncologist and staff should be understanding of this and be willing to get you in sooner rather than later.

    • BO$NIAN6 years agoReport

      Doctor said it happens in less than 5% cases. I did another exam on my own and they seem to be normal. When there is an isolated testicular leukemia relapse then the lump is not too small. Your fruend might be different as no one is the same. Thanks for reassurance. That helps a lot

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  • Tink
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    6 years ago

    Though I didn't see anything about symptoms. The full article is available for free on the top right.

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