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From the spiders on this website, which is the best to keep as a beginner?

I like the Black Hole spider, but not sure if they're the best for starting out. I don't want a giant house spider because you can find them here, and mom says no wolf spiders. Thanks. :)

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    Many of these spiders would be perfect beginner spiders. I had Giant house spiders in Kent Wa. and usually just played with them, never kept one, but would be perfect if you find one.

    Wolf spider: One of my favorites, perfect, my first pet spider was a wolf spider.

    Furrow orb weaver: Not bad, they just have a short life span and need a lot of room to make a web and something to make it on.

    Hacklemesh weaver: a good spider, docile enough to handle and easy to keep.

    Dwarf tarantula: not really a tarantula, but a smaller Mygalomorph spider, a good choice, easy to keep.

    Pimoa spider: A smaller cobweb spider, very easy to keep.

    Purseweb spider: Another robust Mygalomorph, easy to keep, but may bite, painful and causes swelling.

    (handling not advised.)

    Yellow sac spider: shown to be harmless, a good pet, but quick and can escape easily.

    Dolomedes fishing spider: A great pet, they can get a little big, liken them to wolf spider.

    False widow: very easy to keep, another cobweb spider, you may have these in or outside your house.

    Flower crab spider: A pretty spider, a larger cage and artificial/real flowers suggested.

    Ground spider: OK for a pet, quick and skittish with hands.

    Golden or brown huntsman: another of my favorites, they need a larger cage, and like vertical surfaces to hang on,(tree bark) Very good pet.

    Cross orb weaver: see furrow orb weaver.

    Bold jumper: A very popular pet, and fascinating.

    Cellar spider: make good pets. You may have these about the house.

    Spitting spider: very fascinating pet, don't rule them out.

    Flattie: Like a very small huntsman.

    Sand spider: A fascinating pet that camouflages itself in the desert sand.

    Woodlouse spider: A good pet, If you have pill bugs about, don't rule these out.

    Trap door spider: another robust spider and great pet, just not very visible.

    Zebra spider: just like the bold jumper with stripes. Good pet.

    The black hole spider AKA southern house spider: Hands down my favorite pet, perfect, the female can live many years, and can easily be handled. They like crevices to hide in. A lot of people keep these.

    Any of the spiders on this site would be suitable for beginners. Given I have K.hibernalis all over the place,(5 in the house and more outside) I just let them run free. I don't have giant house spiders here, but would love one.

    If I were to get a spider from this site, it would likely be the gold huntsman, fishing spider, or wolf spider.

    If the black hole spider is to your liking, it would indeed be ideal for you.

    No matter what spider you choose, read about keeping the particular spider.

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    Source(s): Been around spiders 50 years.
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