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Can pediatric dentists treat adults?

I am wanting to specialize and become a Pediatric Dentist. I'm just wondering though, can I also treat adults as well as children?

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  • Angela
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    6 years ago
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    No. Specialty restrictions limit all dental specialists from treating out of their specialties. This is a very strong lobby in the ADA. A specialist will lose his/her license for treating out of their scope of practice. And pediatrics is a licensed specialty. You can be a general dentist who does pediatrics, but you can not be a licensed pedodontist who does adult teeth. (In fact I sent a young child-8- to my pedodontist to crown a permanent tooth, and he said he couldn't. I would've but she's a tricky one to work on.)

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    • Eileen6 years agoReport

      Thanks for the information! :)

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    you need dentistry first then you can specialise with top up courses

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