He asked me to crash at his place?

Okay so my really hot ex is a bit tipsy tonite and I've been looking for a good chance to hook up with him again So said he was having a fire tonite and them invited me over I said I couldn't because it's midnight then he said u can crash here then I asked him if he was drinking he said he was tipsy then I told him that was clouding his judgement and that sober him wouldn't want me over so then he said whatever bye I apologized but no answer what do I do to get him to be interested and to forgive me ?!?!??

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  • Brian
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    6 years ago
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    Hahahaha, you play games, he stops responding, you want him more. Classic cat and mouse. You wanted his validation first when you said "That was clouding your judgement and that sober you wouldn't want me over "

    If you didn't play games in the first place, you would have went over had some fun and hooked up, and life would be good, now you're asking how to make him be interested again? Prevent the problem don't try and fix it. Advice: Give him some space (a few days), and ask him again later to come over, you have to invest for the **** you gave him for being tipsy.

  • 6 years ago

    Stick with what you just did. It would be no different if you went over and took advantage of him while tipsy, then if a man did it to a girl. Either way it would be Rape. You don't have the right to take advantage of a man just as a man to a girl. You should be proud of yourself for not doing what you wanted to. Stick with it, and maybe when he sobers up, he will see there is actually a good girl there. Men really don't want the slutty girls. They want the girls that are like there mom's and the ones they can bring home and relax knowing they aren't going to be stupid.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    So, you've acted right, and have given him the right answer!

    Yet, now... you wanna apologize?!?...

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