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Does a husband have any say in who his wife flirts with?

From what my friends have said, i feel as in they think that a husband can question his wife whereabouts.

I got married 2 months back, and just last week while at a club. A guy approached my wife, while i was not around her. I don't know what his intentions were, but he was flirting with her openly. I was watching all this from away but didn't do anything about it. From what i feel, she is an independent grown woman and she can do whatever she wants. I have absolutely no right to restrict her from talking to someone.

Of course, she flirted back as well. After hearing my story, my friends are actually making fun of me, they think i need to man up and make every guy know that she belongs to me or she is taken! .

She even has her male friends coming over to my house, while i am outside or she goes out with them. She has never told me about her plans and frankly doesn't have to either.

But the way my friends keep making my life a joke, is hurting me. What am i going wrong here ? She is an adult woman and has every right to go out with anyone she feels like without informing me. Regardless to how i feel in all this, i just don't have any right over her. If she wants to flirt with another guy, i can't stop her.

I mean i don't control her, and neither do i have any right to tell her how to live her life. If she wants to go out with other men, she can do so. Even if it ends with sex, there is nothing i can do

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    Just divorce her and stay single man.

    No men should be married

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    Well thats whats wrong. When you marry someone, you are DEVOTED to them for life. If you see her flirting then it isn't controlling by saying "Hey, this is my wife." Tell her that now you two are one and must be devoted to each other above anyone else. That's why you marry. Your friends are laughing because they can't believe that after 2 months of marriage, she is cheating and you are just sitting by and watching, not caring. If you really love her then you will fight for her. It isn't controlling to limit her contact with certain men and you have every right to know where she is going, for how long, and with who. You're her husband!! I have 2 parents that have been in the law enforcement since they were 20 years old, and I know the law like the back of my hand. Marriage is just like a law. You can't have two spouses. Only one to love and cherish. Let her know this and express your feelings. It isn't controlling. I guarantee you. Hope this helped and best of luck :)

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    i would think that an husband has no way of knowing who his wife flirts with these days with the advanced technology that everyone has access too. this also applies to wives knowing about what hubby is up to.

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