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What is a cappucino?

And how is it different from lattes, frappuccinos and normal coffee. I bought a box of cappuccino k-cups thinking it was just normal black coffee. But it's actually sweet and creamy. What is this weird substance? And people also talk about lattes and frappuccinos too. What are those and how are they different?

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    They are essentially the same thing with slight differences and you are basically asking about how Starbucks makes their drinks.

    Latte - espresso shots, steamed milk, light layer of foam and can be flavored with syrup of choice like vanilla / caramel / peppermint / hazelnut etc.

    (depends on how much caffeine you want) but say for a regular coffee mug you will put 1 shot of espresso in the mug. Separately you will steam the milk of your choice - 2%, non fat, whole, 1/2 & 1/2. With an espresso machine there is a steam wand that gives you the capability to do this by pulling its lever. Place the heat safe measuring cup or glass of milk under the wand, pull lever and you'll hear the loud noise of the milk being steamed. To create the foam make sure to quickly pull down 3-4 times the heat safe container the milk is in but don't completely remove it from the steam wand. Just enough to see big bubbles in the milk other wise milk will spray all over the place and on you. But also don't burn the milk. You'll see steam coming from the container and that is burning the milk. You'll remember not to do it again after you taste your latter and feel it tastes horrible. The steaming will usually stop automatically at a temp of 150°. Remove container of milk from wand. Grab a large spoon. With the spoon holding back the foam of the milk pour the milk into the mug that has the espresso shot waiting. After that take some of the foam remaining in the container with the large spoon and just lay gently a light layer on top of the espresso shots an milk.

    Cappuccino - espresso shots, steamed milk, foam only.

    Same steps like was done for latte, but less milk will be pored and more foam will be added. Instead of one light layer of foam it will be about 3, 4 or even 5 spoons of foam on top. This all depends on how much foan you want. Unfortunately this is a drink that normally doesn't get and syrup flavoring.

    Frapuccinos - can have or not have coffee, default milk is whole, can have or not have flavored syrup, ice, can have a coffee base or non coffee base and is then blended. Can and can not be topped with whip cream and chocolate drizzle, caramel sauce, hazelnutt sauce, coffee roastm sea salt, caramel crunchies, cookie crumbs. Some thing might not be available due to the item was just a seasonal thing.

    There is also a Starbucks secret menue that you can find online. It is a list of recipies that Starbucks employees and customers came up with Remeber THI SITE IS NOT RECIPES THAT STARBUCKS CREATED so some locations may not have the ingredients and some of the baristas may not know how to create it since it again IS NOT A STARBUCKS CREATED RECIPE. It is not something the barista is required to learn and you will not find it on any Starbucks menue when taking the trip over to the place.

    Another thing to remember is not to give an attitude to the barista for not supplying the ingrdients for secret menu drinks or for not knowing how to make the drink. Sorry I keep stressing this but Starbucks DID NOT CREATE THE DRINKS. Customers and employees took it upon themselves to tweek the drinks to their liking and create a website for it. Also, all Starbucks are not a chain but a franchise. Starbucks located with in a grocery store as oppose to being a stand alone store will have limited storage for the products sold and used. This is another reason for why secret menu ingredients won't be found at them.

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    A tasty mixture of Coffee and latte with a hint of chocolate.

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    Kalopsia is about as wrong as you can get.

    Basically, a cappuccino is espresso and steamed, foamed milk.

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    Latte is more with milk

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