I need help with music?


My life is singing and music and I live to be singer.I live in Canada,Toronto.

I'm wondering how to work with labels.

thank you

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  • 6 years ago
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    That is a vague question; it really needs to be clear what you are asking. I will try to answer:

    First off: all the famous people you see in the news and on tv; like Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, etc. are the tiny, tiny 1% of singers/musicians.

    Most singers and musicians are either underrated, obscure, unknown, or independent.

    I am not discouraging you; just saying that you don't have to be super-famous to be a singer who has fans and gets money for what they do.

    You can still have maybe 1,000 to 10,000 fans and make plenty of money from what you do but not be super-super famous.

    Around 90% of singers/actors/movie producers/musicians/blah blah blah are not the one's you see on tv or know about.

    There are many ways you can become a famous singer.

    One good way is trying these talent competitions. - a lot of the time they do not work out for the people.

    American Idol singers these days get nowhere even if they win.

    However; it will either way help you get attention and a way in the spotlight.

    My suggestion is social media and music websites like Soundcloud, Youtube, Spotify, Beatport, Itunes, etc. These would also help you get attention as well as going onto talent shows like american idol or america's got talent.

    Learn how to play an instrument or two; or at least learn to produce music on a computer; or at least find someone who knows how to do some of these things.

    A good voice isn't good enough. You need the instruments too.

    When you find a way to have instruments or at least background music provided for your voice; make your own music and upload it to things like youtube, soundcloud, facebook, etc.

    Then go on these talent shows.

    People who like your singing on these talent shows would of course be more interested in looking you up; and they would find your youtube and your completed music.

    This would help you gain attention.

    Not only would you already have a few fans or two from sharing your music online; but the people who look up your music after seeing you on tv will also add onto your fanbase.

    Remember to treat your fanbase very well and with much respect; especially in the beginning as you would only have a couple of fans.

    When you only have a few fans you need to treat them well so they become loyal fans to you.

    Things would grow gradually...

    There are many ways you can release your music online. Websites like Itunes, Beatport, Tunecore, etc. but you do have to follow the terms and conditions (rules) and pay your fees.

    You can also choose to release your music by CD; but this is more expensive as promotion and manufacturing of the disc is a lot of money; the bills just add up if you do it this way.

    Also remember to really put yourself out there. Advertise, perform live - street perform; try and sing at places.

    Karaoke open-mic night anyone?

    Find other's who share your interest and work with them. Form friendships and build cred. and reputation.

    Be known in your suburb, your neighborhood, your area, your town/city, and maybe even a couple small places outta town.

    There is no "get lucky" one way up scheme. You don't just get discovered by a talent scout then become famous then have a happy life.

    You first have to already have a bit of a reputation. To have already been performing, to have already released some music for a little while, at least a couple of years, to have already had some fans; before major attention begins to arrive.

    To put it simple:

    Make a start. Build some reputation and some attention.

    There is no one-way-up.

    There is only going slow.

    Most famous singers already had some music before they become super famous.

    Lady Gaga was in a small rock band as Stefani Germamotta...

    Elvis was singing at small pubs and restaurants as a teenager.

    Lorde already had a couple of songs online before she was really discovered.

    I think you see a pattern here.

    Just get started and take things slow as you get better and better; and get more and more attention...

    Good luck!!! :D

    Source(s): I am a beginner music producer. I producer experimental ambient/trance style electronic music. Here is my soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/t-future
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  • 4 years ago

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