Do you know any book similar to "When Summer Ends"?

"When Summer Ends" was a pretty good book. I was wondering if there were any similar books but with the roles reversed. What I mean is a romance novel about the relationship between a female teacher and a male student. Or you could just suggest me any other romance novel that you really liked. Please just don't leave entire lists. Just suggest one or two novels that you read and like and think worth reading. Oh and please take note of the following points:

1. Erotica is fine but nothing gruesome. Romance is a must. Bdsm or whatever but there must be romance to balance it out.

2. Must have a good happy ending and perferably no cheating or deaths.

3. Preferably from the guys percpective but if the novel is good I don't mind reading from a girl's point of view.

4. Something light and not all problems and drama.

Oh and 10 points of course. Sorry if my requirements are too much. Just leave male student with female teacher novel with good ending if not anything else. Thanks in advance for answering.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    "Class of 45" "Summer of 42" I think they might be what you are looking for. Also, "Beach House" , and "Beach Road." I don't know if the last two are good, but I see copies of them in various stores.

    It sounds like you know what you are looking for, so try to do an out line of it.

    I submitted a short story to a writers group. it had a bedroom scene but nothing filthy. My characters were a mid30;s married couple that had seemed to be wondering what to do next, so I sent them to bed. A published author said get rid of the scene because it did not move the plot forward. I hope I gave you some ideas.

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