Do you know any good teacher-student romamce novels?

Basically I want a good teacher-student romance novel. But please take note of some of the aspects I want your suggestions to have:

1. The teacher should be female and the student should be a guy. Most novels are female student/male teacher. I've read a lot of those already and I want a novel with the roles swapped.

2. Must be a happy ending. Preferrably with no huge drama with the main characters remaining faithful to eacher through out the story.

3. Erotica is fine but nothing too rape-like. Just as long as there is romance it's fine.

4.And finally no cheating novels, please.

Well thats it. Thanks in advance for any good suggestions.

1 Answer

  • 6 years ago

    No suggestions at all, but I'm curious. How does a story have a happy ending when in real life it would be a felony, or at least, be considered a sexual harassment case?

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