Why am I scared to study Environment Engineering?

I don't know why what's wrong with me guys?! I like Environmental Engineering because I like to study about the environment. But for some reason I'm scared to study about! I had a Grade 11 class and become the honour student with the highest mark but I don't feel interested into study it because I feel something wrong with it. I like it but the word engineering sets me off into negative emotions. I can't explain the tragic feeling I'm getting. Why do I feel so scared of it and just could not admit working at that as my career path? I think I'm about to loss my mind and kill myself.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Does Environmental Engineering deal with a bunch of math? I always like physics but when I actually took it in school I hated it because it was all math. I like to know why the apple falls from the tree (why doesn't it fall up) but what I really don't care about is how many seconds it will take the apple to hit the ground, and that's what physics in school was all about. Lame! Maybe it's similar with you. You need to find out what exactly scares you about it and what do you love about it. Then you need to find out how much of each it will entail and then you decide if you want to deal with the bad part in order to experience the good part.

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