White wannabe Native Americans?

Well, I am interested in learning of my culture and learn the ways of my ancestry, but for some reason- I heard many say its' 'White wannebe Native American'?

If someone is native but have white skin, why does it many them any less? My moms whole side is Ojibwa and my cousin is Chief Dean sayers... I have my status card and I am with Batchewana first nations..

I'm just wondering. I have dark brown eyes, blonde hair and i'm white and I'm proud to say I am Ojibwa with status but why does everyone frown upon it??? I went to Pow wows and no one seemed to care but I heard that darker skinned laugh at the white people. am I considered a 'White wannabe Native american' ??

(Sorry if I offend anyone.. not see how I could possibly can though?)


I'm 13 btw

Update 2:

I completely, 100% understand I'm not full Native.., My dad is finnish . i Ojibwa/Finnish

Update 3:

if anyone doesn't like what i said because once i read it over I do sound quite insane, yeah I understand. Sorry u.u

Update 4:

if anyone doesn't like what i said, i understand. once I read it over I sound... pushy u.u terribly sorry

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  • 6 years ago
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    I met a lot of Native Americans that are light skinned. It doesn't make you any less Native. Ignore them. You can be proud of your culture/ ancestry.

    I'm also an ethnic minority so I know that skin color doesn't necessarily indicate your racial makeup. A brown skinned Native American and a light skinned Native American can be within the same family, or have the same parents.

  • It doesn't matter what you look like. The only thing that makes you Native American is the fact that your Nation says you are a citizen.

    Source(s): mohawk
  • 6 years ago

    unfortunately many in the world do not know that the american natives mixed alot and assume due to stereotypes that all members of a group must look the same; and also may be jealous; i used to get the same thing with my japanese ancestry; you have proof and are ojibwa; i would suggest forgive them and and forget them; you know what you are.

    Source(s): wikipedia articles on blood quantum/ojibwa, and faces of america episode featuring ojibwa authour louise eldrich who is fair complected, a only in america episode with larry the cable guy in which larry fishes with a ojibwa decendant in minnasota.
  • Forget what they say. You are a citizen of your Nation...not a wannabe.

    Simple as that.

    Source(s): Ojibwe Mississaugas of Scugog Island FN
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